Interpretations of the Sun in the Sidereal Zodiac

(NOTE: The information below is condensed from the evolving notes here: Natal Aspect Interpretations - Sun & Moon)

Su-Mo Su-Me Su-Ve Su-Ma Su-Ju Su-Sa Su-Ur Su-Ne Su-Pl
Mo-Me Mo-Ve Mo-Ma Mo-Ju Mo-Sa Mo-Ur Mo-Ne Mo-Pl


Energetic, dynamic, terrific drive, forceful. A mental-emotional attitude biased toward success. “At home” with power. Intense desire in whatever they undertake. High vitality (unless the luminaries are afflicted). Sexual desires also particularly strong, passionate, though often narcissistic. Possible vanity, self-exaltation, and obstinacy.


(Only the conjunction is possible.) Resourceful, knack for organization, likely will do well in the business world, effectively self-expressive. One’s ideas are (unconsciously?) equated with the ego, so altering an opinion may feel like compromising oneself. Intellectual pride, stubbornness. Strong need to identify oneself with rationality, to affirm one’s sanity and reasonableness.

SUN-MERCURY NOTE: I can no longer accept the Grant Lewi idea that Su-Me has an epecially stern grip on sanity or "hitching post to normalcy" that protects rationality. I have examples where the individual went completely over the edge - some of my most dramatic examples. Others seem to push the edge of sanity (primarily Rim types). - After considering the very sane, the psychically shot, and those in between, I believe what is present is a strong NEED to identify oneself with rationality. If other chart pressuers are too strong, this hold will be broken finally. Otherwise, we have an ultra-Mercurial individual. They need to be able to look themselves in the mirror every morning and say, "I am sane! (Right?)"


(Only the conjunction and semi-square are possible.) Charming, gentle, fine companions. Strong sense of friendship and natural affection. Graceful. Marked aesthetic appreciation (if not artistic talents). Most comfortable in marriage or similar relationship. (A little vain?)


Action, drive, accomplishment, vitality, courage. Restless, forthright, direct (perhaps hasty, impatient, temperamental, low frustration tolerance). Strong physical aggression (for business, sex, etc.) - women especially are sexually voracious. Industrious, instinctively leads or commands, thus often promoted.


Generous, kind, warm, amiable, upbeat, tolerant. Visible self-confidence. Strong need for acceptance and friendship. A general dislike of problems (seems to float through life with amazingly little care for circumstances). Lucky: confident the universe will bail them out, problems usually resolve remarkably easily, but has a hard time persevering against real adversity when it finally strikes. (Extravagant, prodigal, loves leisure, overly reliant on luck.) Mind is philosophical or religious.


Effective survivors, self-sufficient, hard working, accomplishing. Used to hard work, few luxuries; preferring private, modest accommodations. Not always good control on strong impulses, but generally very good control of small & medium-sized ones. Authority (likely paternal) issues to overcome. Serious; enjoy deep subjects; yet few have so good a sense of humor! Childhood hardships common, circumstances force early maturation.


Go their own way, unapologetically following their own paths & persuaded that they’re a “special case.” Resourceful, stimulating, but easily bored (in need of frequent stimulation!). Love of freedom: bow to no authority but themselves. Progressive, future-oriented, uninhibited by convention. Adept at creative problem solving. Self-perspective usually founded in objectivity.


Self-view is unrealistic or disproportionate (excessively poor or grand). Nurtures an air of secrecy or mystery. Love of drama, music, fantasy, mysticism, general surrealism. Active imaginations. Potential to move and inspire others if they acquire focus & perseverance. Sensitive to ambient physical & emotional impressions; exaggerates the “feeling tone” of a time & place.


A “law unto themselves,” “the exception to the rule.” Little respect for arbitrary expectations. Antiauthoritarian, needs to be free from arbitrary or incompetent control. Comfortable as “outsider” or “congenial bad boy.” Often seems aloof, unresponsive, but rarely harsh; usually kind, “live and let live.”


Intellect fused with the emotions, especially with subconscious patterns; thus, quick at assessment, intuitive, strategic (cagey, deceptive). Personality dominated by intellect & nervous system. Tremendous mental output & capacity to absorb knowledge (apt at languages, good memory). Can seem ‘all business’ in emotional matters & emotionally stubborn in factual ones: Under duress, “reasonableness” competes with reactive emotion.


Attractive, charming; much sexual charisma. Gracious (ingratiating), affectionate, sensual. Fond of social niceties. High frustration tolerance.

MOON-VENUS NOTE: At root, this aspect highlights and accentuates the feminine principle. All of the positive traits are described by this; and, more importantly, every problem trace¬able to Moon-Venus, from a markedly passive-dependent nature to moodiness to being blindsided by strong feelings, stems from insufficiently accepting the full scope of one's femininity. – Men are, therefore, more vulnerable to the negative manifestations.


Active & reactive, temperamental, thinks & acts rapidly. Detests idleness, rarely still. Driven, competent, ambitious. Impatient, acerbic, irritable. Too frank & sharp-tongued (hence friction in close relationships). Needs physical, emotional, & mental “room to breathe” (little domestic instinct). Substance abuse not uncommon. Sexual needs strong, almost irrepressible (the women are often real sexual firecrackers, notable for the speed and intensity of their climaxes).


Ambitious, desires success, aspires to take the lead. (A natural ‘host,’ likes to play ringmaster in all life areas including in social & sexual hospitality.) Desires only the “best” (things & circumstances) for self & loved ones. Possible social elitism, feigned superiority, aristocratic conceit. Drawn to quality. Usually good-humored, entertaining, kind, generous. Strong beliefs (often religious or patriotic intensity, moralistic, judgmental).


Proud, self-made people. Dynamic, hard-working, persistent, driving themselves; also encourages growth in others (expects others to do something worthy of their abilities). Usually emotionally reserved, private. A definite tendency (often unconscious) to seek total control of situations & relationships. Parent-themed issues (nourishment-deprivation, etc.) to work through. When the emotions are too burdened: Pessimistic, distrustful, little self-confidence, passive-aggressive, feeling inferior, anxiety, depression. Many enter religious or social work to symbolically sacrifice themselves for others.


A specie of genius (intellectually rebellious, roving, curious, investigative) is bursting to express itself - not wholly comfortable accepting outside guidance, often wondering why others don’t recognize its nature. Inquisitive, original, futuristic, seeking novelty & needing variety (“will try anything twice”). Free-spirited: psychologically lives outside of convention; but subject to tensions and stiffness from emotional stress.


Sensitive - often too much! Tunes into others on an emotional (psychic?) level: can be deeply understanding, genuinely sympathetic, but also emotionally (psychically) vulnerable, easily wounded, with abiding fears of rejection. Self-defense through avoidance (non-confrontation) & slamming shut senses & good sense. When wounded, withdraws & introverts (often with excessive rumination, imagination working overtime, worry, moodiness). Drawn to the imaginative, surrealistic, and creative.


Bold & forthright, questioning & challenging, maverick & alien; independent, “marching to a different drummer,” resisting authority. Avoids habitual conformity (rebellious?); resists conventional conditioning and being made to concur with others’ values and codes. Restless, unwilling to be still for long, can uproot or take to the road on little notice. Deeply inquiring into existential mysteries, often igniting remarkable intuitive insights.

MOON-PLUTO NOTE: The word "shy" is accurate but misleading, in that most are quite bold.

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